This course immerses participants in the overall concepts, processes, policies and methods associated with the Service Operation module of the ITIL Intermediate Service Lifecycle. The course covers the management and control of the activities and techniques within the Service Operation stage, but not the detail of each of the supporting processes. This course is designed using an engaging scenario-based approach to learning the core disciplines of the ITIL best practice and positions the student to successfully complete the associated ITIL® Service Operations Lifecycle exam. This course is of special interest for ITIL Foundation certified professionals extending their qualifications to ITIL Expert (and later ITIL Master) level for which this qualification is a prerequisite.



At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of Service Management as a practice.
  • Understand the importance, principles, purpose, and objectives of Service Operation.
  • Learn how all processes in Service Operation interact with other Service Lifecycle processes.
  • Recognize the subprocesses, activities, methods, and functions used in each Service Operation process.
  • Recognize the roles and responsibilities within Service Operation and the activities and functions necessary to achieve operational excellence.
  • Learn how to measure Service Operation.
  • Understand the technology and implementation considerations surrounding Service Operation.
  • Outline the challenges, CSFs, and Risks associated with Service Operation.



Release Manager, Security Administrator, Applications Support, IT Operations Manager, Database Administrator, Problem Manager, Service Desk and Incident Manager, Network Support, Security Manager



Participants need to attain the ITIL® Foundation certificate. In addition, around 2 years of IT experience is desirable.



Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Course Introduction
  • Course Learning Objectives
  • Unique Nature of the Course
  • Course Qualification Scheme
  • Course Agenda and Exam Details


Module 2: Introduction To Service Operation

  • Purpose and Objectives
  • Scope of the Process
  • Context of Service Operation and the Service Lifecycle
  • Business Value of the Process
  • Service Operation Fundamentals


Module 3: Service Operation Principles

  • Achieving Balance in Service Operation
  • Providing Good Service
  • Operation Staff Involvement in the service Lifecycle
  • Operational Health
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Sample Test Question


Module 4: Service Operation Processes ─ Part 1

  • Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Sample Test Question


Module 5: Service Operation Processes ─ Part 2

  • Request Fulfilment
  • Access Management
  • Group/Individual Exercise


Module 6: Common Service Operations Activities

  • Goal
  • Monitoring and Control Services
  • IT Operations
  • Server and Mainframe Management and Support
  • Network Management
  • Storage and Archival
  • Database Administration
  • Directory Services Management
  • Desktop and Mobile Device Support
  • Middleware Management
  • Internet/Web Management
  • Facilities and Data Center Management
  • Operational Activities of Processes Covered in Other Lifecycle Stages
  • Improvement of Operational Activities
  • Group/Individual Exercise
  • Sample Test Question


Module 7: Organizing for Service Operation

  • Functions of Service Operation
  • Roles
  • Organizational Structures of Service Operation
  • Group/Individual Exercise
  • Sample Test Question


Module 8: Technology Considerations

  • Generic Technology Requirements
  • Evaluation Criteria for Technology and Tools for Process Implementation
  • Group/Individual Exercise
  • Sample Test Question


Module 9: Implementation of Service Operation

  • Managing Changes in Service Operation
  • Service Operation and Project Management
  • Assessing and Managing Risks in Service Operation
  • Operational Staff in Service Design and Service Transition
  • Planning and Implementing Service Management Technologies
  • Group/Individual Exercise
  • Sample Test Question


Module 10: Challenges, Critical Success Factors, and Risks

  • Objective
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks



  • ITIL® Service Strategy Lifecycle
  • ITIL® Service Design Lifecycle
  • ITIL® Service Transition Lifecycle
  • ITIL® Continual Service Improvement Lifecycle
  • ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis Capability
  • ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle


Related Certification

  • ITIL® Expert (Exam ITIL® Intermediate SO)